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Aerosol marking paint is used to temporarily mark the location of proposed excavations and the location of existing utilities.  Although "temporary", marking paint should be used with care as it will often last for long periods and many municipalities require its removal upon completion of a project.  Traffic Supply, Inc. carries Aervoe All Purpose aerosol marking paint in these APWA colors:


  • White:      Proposed excavation and project markings.
  • Red:         Electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables.
  • Yellow:    Gas, oil, steam, petroleum or gaseous materials.
  • Orange:  Communication, alarm or signal Lines, cable or conduit.
  • Blue:        Potable Water Lines..
  • Green:     Sewer and drain pipelines.

Aerosol striping paint is used for small striping projects and to touch up or repair existing markings.  The shades of aerosol striping paint will vary somewhat from that of bulk paint colors, which is especially noticeable in blue.  In addition to standard striping colors, Traffic Supply, Inc carries aerosol cans of black and gray for touch up, and covering of temporary markings or graffiti.  To make the job easier, the Aervoe Vers-A-Striper striping cart is available for less than $90, and is well suited for repairing striping, on site maintenance crews and for small striping projects.  It is not a replacement for a commercial striping machine.

  • White:     Used to delineate lanes of travel moving in the same direction, right shoulder fog lines and is often used for parking lot lines.  By CA standards, a white curb indicates a passenger loading/unloading zone or stopping to allow depositing of mail in an adjacent mailbox.
  • Yellow:    Used to delineate lanes of travel moving in opposite directions and is sometimes used for parking lot lines.  By CA standards, a yellow curb indicates a passenger or freight loading/unloading zone.
  • Red:          By CA standards, a red curb indicates no stopping, standing or parking; regardless of whether the vehicle is occupied or unattended.
  • Green:      By CA standards, a green curb indicates time limited parking.
  • Blue:         Disabled parking.
  • Black:       Touch up striping, cover temporary mark outs and graffiti on asphalt.
  • Gray:        Touch up striping, cover temporary mark outs and graffiti on concrete.

Aervoe All Purpose Marking paint PI sheet

Aervoe Survey Marking paint PI sheet (concrete grey cover up paint)

Aervoe Striping paint PI sheet

Aervoe Marking Chalk PI Sheet

Asphalt Renew and Concrete Renew PI Sheet