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Temporary barricades are classified by the number of orange and white reflective boards on each side, not by the total number of boards.  Plywood is often used for the horizontal panels, which are mounted to galvanized steel legs.  Premium all plastic barricades are also available.  Traffic Supply, Inc. stocks Type I barricades in plastic/metal and in all plastic construction.  Type II and III barricades are stocked with plywood boards and galvanized metal legs.  Parade barricade boards and legs available by special order.





Type I Barricades have one orange and white reflective rail on each side of the barricade, and usually a painted white board near the bottom which is often stenciled with the owner's name.  These barricades measure 24in wide x 42in tall (to the top of the top board).

Type II Barricades are typically the same size as a type I barricade, except with a second orange and white reflective rail in place of the lower white painted board.  The owner's name must not be stenciled over any of the reflective faces.

Type III Barricades have three orange and white reflective faces, usually on one side only, and are 5ft tall.  These barricades are usually 4ft wide.

Barricade lights can easily be added to any of the above barricades.

Type I Parade Barricades are designed for short term use, with many agency's limiting their use to parades or other special events.  They have one, single sided orange and white reflective rail, usually 8ft or 10ft in length supported by plastic legs.  They are quickly set up and easy break down for transportation or storage.

TrafFix all plastic Type I Barricade PI sheet

Traffix Metro A Cade parade barricade PI sheet

Plasticade all plastic Type I Barricade PI sheet

Signicade plastic sign frame PI sheet

Narrowcade plastic sign frame PI sheet