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Engineering grade reflective tape is an economical choice for making bollards and other objects more visible in low light conditions.  Traffic Supply, Inc. stocks 2" and 3" wide rolls in orange, red, white and yellow.  3" wide rolls of orange/white and black/yellow striped take are also stocked.  Solid color 1" wide rolls and blue and green colored tape are quickly available by special order.  Use on unsealed concrete, uneven surfaces, bare wood or over flat paint finishes is generally not recommended.  


Available in yellow and white, High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) reflective tape is often used to mark permanent traffic control devices like delineators, guide posts and channelizers.  By MUTCD standards, yellow is usually used on the left side of a travel lane, with white being used on the right.  HIP grade tape is brighter and more durable than Engineering grade reflective tape and is often used to identify on-site hazards where the additional visibility is desired.  Traffic Supply, Inc. stocks 3" wide material, which is sold by the roll or by the foot. 



With just a few exceptions, conspicuity (or truck) tape is required on all tractors and trailers used for commercial purposes.  While not required, it is often used on straight vehicles to enhance night time visibility.  Two inch wide material is stocked here at Traffic Supply, Inc. and is available by the roll or by the foot.



Skid resistant tapes are often used to make potentially slippery surfaces, like steps and walkways, safer and more visible.  This tape is designed for use on finished metal and concrete surfaces that are not immersed in water.  Rolls of black, white, yellow, fluorescent yellow/lime and clear are stocked in 2" and 3" widths and are sold by the full roll.  Skid resistant tape designed for constant water contact are available by special order.