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Square sign posts offer economy, ease of installation, and when properly installed with an anchor and over sleeve, are easy to replace if damaged. 

Traffic Supply, Inc, stocks Utili-Mate 1 3/4" and 2" pre-punched galvanized steel square sign posts in 10ft and 12ft lengths, 30in anchors and 18in over sleeves.  The use of an anchor often affords the replacement of the sign post without digging it out.  Over sleeves are used to reinforce the anchor and are most often used when the anchor is installed in an area which would be difficult or expensive to dig out.  When installed in areas such as planters. where having to dig out a damaged post will not be difficult or lead to expensive patch work, the use of the anchor and over sleeve is not necessary.    All components have 7/16" round holes punched on 1" centers, on all four sides, over the entire length of the piece and are made in the USA.

While bolts and nuts can be used to secure the sign panel to the post and the post to the anchor and over sleeve, drive rivets can make installation easier using just a hammer.  When using drive rivets, align the holes of the sign, anchor and/or over sleeve with those on the post, place the fastener into the hole and with a hammer pound the protruding pin on the rivet flush with its body.  A minimum of two rivets should be used to secure the sign to the post, and two rivets placed at right angles to each other driven into the top holes of the anchor and over sleeve.

 Square sign posts can be driven into the ground using a drive cap but are most often  installed into a dug hole and backfilled with soil or concrete.  When using an anchor and over sleeve placed in a concrete footing, we recommend wrapping  the anchor and over sleeve tape or plastic to prevent it from becoming filled with concrete.  The manufacturer of the square sign post system recommends that only 6-8" of the sign post be installed into the anchor/over sleeve, minimizing the likelihood of the post becoming bent and seizing in the anchor preventing its removal.  The anchor, and over sleeve if used, should be installed 1-2" above grade.

Ulti-Mate pre-punched steel sign post PI sheet