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Traffic cones, drums and delineators all typically perform the same function; to channelize traffic.  Cones offer greater "visible area"  than delineators, and are easier to set, store and transport than delineators or drums.  Traffic Supply, Inc. stocks JBC Safety's RS series orange PVC  traffic cones in 18" and 28" non reflectorized and 28" reflectorized sizes.  JBC's PVC cone is of uniform size, inside and out.  This eliminates the annoying tendency for cones to stick together when stacked, as most flow-molded cones do.   JBC's cones are more robust than flow molded cones allowing them to spring back up after being crushed, instead of lying in the roadway like a flat orange opossum.  JBC has produced a couple of videos highlighting the difference in performance between their cones and those from a well known competitor.  In the first video, similar cones were flattened by an unloaded semi tractor.  While there's not a tremendous amount of weight on the drive axles of an unloaded tractor, the difference in cone performance is clear.  More recently, JBC has produced a second comparison video using a much heavier pavement roller.  Not surprisingly,  both cones performed exactly as they had in their earlier test; The JBC cone straightened itself out and stood back up as the brand H cone just laid flat on the ground.  Greater safety to workers and motorists alike, less maintenance (risk) for your traffic control crew and long life are some of the many benefits of using JBC cones.

JBC Cone Brochure



In addition to our stocked sizes,  lime green, trim line and 12 & 36" cones are available by special order. 

List of available cone sizes, styles, colors and weights  

Typical Maximum Spacing*:

In tapers:

 Equal to the speed limit in feet; 25ft for a 25 MPH speed zone.

In tangents:

Equal to 2x the speed limit in feet; 50ft for a 25 MPH speed zone. 

Spacing should be reduced in curves, and near intersections and driveways.  

*up to a maximum spacing of 50ft in tapers and 100ft for tangent sections.

Traffic cones should be reflectorized for use at night, and should not be left out on an unattended project.  Traffic drums or delineators are a better choice if site conditions require that the channelizing equipment be left out during off-work hours.