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Traffic Safety Solutions, LLC. fleet of aluminum and roll up signs are all reflectorzed for use day or night.  We stock most popular temporary traffic control sign legends and can produce any custom signage your project might require.

Aluminum Advance Warning Signs, mounted on barricades are most often used where traffic speed is less than 45 MPH.  They are easily transported and quickly set in place.

Roll Up Advance Warning Signs and stands are taller and more conspicuous than those mounted on barricades and are most frequently used where traffic speeds exceed 40 MPH, or where extra emphasis is needed.  While they store and transport easily, they are a bit more time consuming to set up and take down.  Their spring-loaded stand allows the sign to flex in wind, and not be as likely as a barricade mounted sign to blow over.

Outside of the Advance Warning Signs, most other temporary traffic control signage is almost always mounted on barricades.