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Years ago, 48" aluminum signs mounted to angle iron  stands were the industry standard for temporary work zone signage used on high speed streets.  Like the kerosene smudge pot and the illuminated cone, they're now a thing of the past.  Today, the use of roll up signage offers increased visibility over typical barricade mounted signs, and they're easier to transport and store.  MUTCD standards require the use of 48" advance warning signs on any roadway with traffic speeds at or in excess of 45 MPH, and reflective signage for use during hours of darkness.  Traffic Supply, Inc. carries a good selection of popular JBC roll up signs, in both reflective and non-reflective material.

JBC roll up sign fabric material brochure

JBC roll up sign accessory brochure


Most roll up sign manufacturers purchase their bulk material from a small group of suppliers.  So while there's not much difference in the outward appearance of JBC quality roll up signs, and those sold at discount prices, they're not the same.  JBC's roll up signs are made in the USA, have heavy duty reinforced sewn pockets and a legend that will withstand harsh chemicals such as graffiti remover and brake cleaner.  Tack, grime and graffiti can be removed from JBC's roll up signs, without destroying the printed legend, which in many cases can more than double the life of the sign.  JBC's signs are also labeled for the real world with the actual legend that can be read with the sign is folded or rolled up, not a cryptic abbreviation or "official" designation number that no one can remember.

JBC has produced a short video, demonstrating the durability of the printed legend on their line of roll up signs.

Custom legends available by special order.  Please contact us for details.

JBC Springback stand PI sheet

JBC Non-springback stand PI sheet

JBC Roll up sign PI sheet