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Radar speed signs are used to slow traffic in areas where motorist speeds are in excess of the safe or posted speed limit.  Most radar speed signs warn drivers of their excessive speed by either flashing the speed display or flashing a strobe light.  Radar speed signs are often used within private communities and in places where children a likely to be present.

The SafePace 100 by Traffic Logix is an economical radar speed sign with many valuable features, and is well suited for private communities, HOA's and commercial centers.  This radar speed sign is available in 120VAC hard wire, 12VDC battery and self contained 12VDC battery/solar models.  Installation of the self contained battery/solar model isn't any more difficult than installing a traffic sign, and sells for about $2,700.  This is a fully programmable radar sign with options to set minimum and maximum speed display, and flashing options to alert speeding drivers.  Additionally, software can be purchased to count vehicles and store and catalog passing vehicle speeds with or without the operation of the radar speed sign.  All signs include hose clamp style mounting hardware (factory straps will not work on a post or pole larger than about 3 inches in diameter); battery models include battery; battery/solar models include the battery and solar panel.   Full specifications of the Safe-Pace 100 are available below. 

Traffix Logix has many more radar speed signs available in permanent, semi permanent and portable models.  Please use the website link below for additional information on these models.

Traffic Logix SafePace 100 PI Sheet

Traffic Logix website